Releasing a new Total Open Station version


The main tool we use for translating Total Open Station is Transifex.

When the release is approaching and the source strings are not going to change, declare string freeze. Source messages should be updated with one of xgettext, pygettext or Babel (with the extract_messages command), producing totalopenstation.pot, e.g.:

xgettext  scripts/*.py -o locale/totalopenstation.pot

The resulting PO template file mut be uploaded to Transifex for translators to work with:

tx push -s

If there is an existing translation, msgmerge or Babel update_catalog should be used to update.

Translators should be invited to submit new translations, either via .po files or Transifex.

When the translation period is over, pull the updated .po files from Transifex with:

tx pull -r totalopenstation.totalopenstation-app -a

and check that the files are updated. Commit new files separately from updates.

If using Babel, compile the translated messages with:

python compile_catalog -d locale


The documentation is included in the source tree, and is published online at <>_.

Manual pages for the three scripts provided with TOPS are not available at the moment.


The version number is declared in totalopenstation/ and is propagated in other places from there, including and the “About” dialog.

A source distribution is made using:

python sdist

A built distribution is made using (e.g. for Windows installer):

python bdist --formats wininst

We are currently following the Python Packaging User Guide and distributing sources and wheels.

Windows portable app

A portable Windows app is built with PyInstaller:

  1. follow the instructions for installing PyInstaller on Windows (be sure to install pip-Win and create a virtual environment)
  2. in the virtual environment, cd into the root directory of the totalopenstation source code and pip install . to install the current version of totalopenstation and all the dependencies
  3. run pyinstaller totalopenstation-gui.spec
  4. this will create the file dist/totalopenstation.exe, a portable single-file executable that will run from any compatible Windows system, even from USB sticks
  5. an executable built on 64 bit systems will not run on 32 bit systems