Input formats

New in version 0.2: Total Open Station supports a number of input data formats, which are implemented separately from the device handling machinery (i.e. downloading data from your total station). This is because one device can output more than one format, and at the same time the same format can be used by more than one device (particularly this is the case for different models by the same manufacturer).

Generally speaking, data formats can be classified into two large groups:

  1. “raw” field data with polar coordinates
  2. processed data, with XY(Z) cartesian coordinates

The latter are far more easy to process, because they don’t require any computing of measurements.

XYZ formats

These formats were the first kind of survey data format supported by Total Open Station.

Cartesian coordinates just need to be extracted from ASCII data

Other formats

Unimplemented formats can be added to Total Open Station.

The best way to have your format included in the next version of TotalOpenStation is to file a support request in the bug tracker and attach some sample data dumps obtained with the Helper application.

If you can write Python code, you can also write a module by yourself using an existing one as a guide and the directive here. Should you write a module, we will be happy to receive it and include it in the TotalOpenStation source tree.

See also

The Contributing page to find out how to join the project and participate actively to the development.