General concepts here about models and abstract classes.

Getting sample data

Even when your device is not listed among the supported ones, Total Open Station can still be useful, particularly for:

  1. finding the right serial connection parameters from an unknown device. You can play with the 8 options and see the results in a text area. Once the downloaded results look good, you can be almost sure that you have used the right parameters, and we can add the tested model parameters to the program database;
  2. retrieving sample data from unknown models and submit them to allow support of those models in future releases of the program.

To do this, you can just use the main Total Open Station executable.


Remember: Total Open Station is no wizard, and you have to tune the serial port options using your prior knowledge of your total station (e.g. read the manual that came with it, look at other programs’ options).

Other models

Unimplemented models can be added to TotalOpenStation.

The best way to have your model included in the next version of TotalOpenStation is to file a support request in the bug tracker and attach some sample data dumps obtained with the Helper application.

If you can write Python code, you can also write a module by yourself using the existing ones as a guide. Should you write a module, we will be happy to receive it and include it in the TotalOpenStation source tree.

See also

The Contributing page to find out how to join the project and participate actively to the development.