Total Open Station CLI Parser

This is a command line application to convert raw data to common formats for use in CAD or GIS environments.


totalopenstation-cli-parser [options]


-h, --help show this help message and exit
-i FILE, --infile=FILE
 select input FILE (do not specify for stdin)
-o FILE, --outfile=FILE
 select output FILE (do not specify for stdout)
-f FORMAT, --input-format=FORMAT
 select input FORMAT
--2d Exclude Z coordinates, output only 2D data
-t FORMAT, --output-format=FORMAT
 select input FORMAT
-r, --raw Enhanced parsed file process
--overwrite overwrite existing output file
--list list the available input and output formats

Using totalopenstation-cli-parser

If no input file is specified, input is read from stdin.

Output goes to stdout by default, but it is recommended to use the -o option.

Raw parsing

The --raw option is useful when exporting to CSV for processing in other programs, and will export all field records found in the raw data from the total station. It only makes sense for certain input formats where the original measurements are stored, namely:

  • Leica GSI
  • Nikon RAW
  • Carlson RW5