Output Formats

There is not yet a main module with a parent class for output formats.

By the way, the main class is output.Builder.

Each output format module has a child class named OutputFormat(Builder).


class output.Builder(data)

Bases: object


Action for building the output string.

This method must be overridden in the child class to have a working builder.

Process the input data (processing data). This is because we want to keep the generation of output separated from saving it to disk.

Returns:A string representing the value to output.
Return type:str



Dictionnary that holds all output formats available in Total Open Station.

‘dxf’: (‘tops_dxf’, ‘OutputFormat’, ‘DXF’),
‘csv’: (‘tops_csv’, ‘OutputFormat’, ‘CSV’),
‘sql’: (‘tops_sql’, ‘OutputFormat’, ‘OGC-SQL’),
‘dat’: (‘tops_dat’, ‘OutputFormat’, ‘DAT’),
‘txt’: (‘tops_txt’, ‘OutputFormat’, ‘Text’),
‘geojson’: (‘tops_geojson’, ‘OutputFormat’, ‘GeoJSON’),